a poem about life

a poem about life

a poem about life

If you say your life is miserable,
I invite you to take a deeper look.
‚cause sometimes we cannot see what we are given;

C’mon, let’s open up that book.

Let’s read what’s written there;
Is it really all that cloudy?
Or can we find a breeze of soft warm air?

And maybe even a story;

A story that will show you,
that where you are right now,
is where u need to be,
in order to get some place beautiful.

That kind of story,
that puts a smile on your face;
That kind of story,
that gives your heart a faster bass.

Because if thats the case,

then you are a lucky star.
‚Cause what we just found in your Life,
is like a cookie filled jar.

Sometimes we need to fall down,
in order to see what we are given.
So let’s shake off that frown.
And understand, that you are livin‘.

If you would just allow yourself,
to live right through that shit,
that you think is the worst,
then maybe, bit by bit

your life begins to move,
a turn in a direction,
where you will find your groove.

And one day you’ll look back
and think of that old time;
And you might realize,
you wouldn’t change it for a dime.

live. love. be yourself.

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